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"Upgrade your Golf Cart"™

Upgrade your golf cart with Caddy Shift™.
Caddy Shift™ was specifically designed for EZ-Go®, Cushman®, Club Car® and Yamaha® golf carts and maintenance vehicles.  This is the one accessory you must have to make driving your golf cart a pleasure. 

The following are customer testimonials:

"I really love the shifter. My wife likes it even better because she has some arthritis in her hand or wrist." -Warren C.

“I would like to say there is no end to the praise which I would give to your product.  I have fingers which need surgery, and shifting was painful with the old lever.  Now, shifting is completely without effort.  It is exactly what these carts need."  - Roy U.

“Have had the shift knob installed for a couple weeks and we love it! My wife even noticed the difference and was very enthusiastic about the change! This doesn't happen very often!" -Ray M.

“ I received mine yesterday and can't believe the difference that it makes in shifting.” – Tim F.

Received the Caddy Shift today and it is great. So much easier. " - Sue

"It was a brainless exchange on cart. My shoulder thanks you! (Wrist isn't complaining, either.) The Caddy Shift is sooo much easier for me to use."  - Barbara H.

"I thought it (Caddy Shift) was a little on the high end price wise until I got it and installed it.  Now I would pay $50 for it!"  - Bill J.

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Caddy Shift™ is a great upgrade for your standard or custom golf cart. 

Marine Mills, Inc. designs and manufactures all of our products in the USA.

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